Nederlands Exposition in Auschwitz Deportation

Amersfoort Camp

On 18 August 1941, the German occupation authorities set up the Polizeiliches Durchgangslager Amersfoort (Police Transit Camp Amersfoort).
The prisoners included resistance fighters, prisoners of war, people who were found in hiding, political prisoners, and Jews. In total, 35,219 people were imprisoned in Amersfoort. The majority of prisoners were deported to German concentration camps, but many died in Amersfoort camp as a result of mistreatment or execution.

Polizeiliches Durchgangslager Amersfoort (Police Transit Camp Amersfoort)

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  1. Prisoners cleaning food utensils in Amersfoort.
    Unknown photographer, NMKA Foundation Collection, Leusden
  2. A hungry prisoner scraping from the barrel.
    Drawing by J. Th. H. Grond, NMKA Foundation Collection, Leusden
  3. Prisoners during roll call in Amersfoort.
    Unknown photographer, NIOD Collection, Amsterdam
  4. Amersfoort camp
    ‘Shoved, cursed, battered, whipped’.
    Drawing by H. Poeder, NMKA Foundation Collection, Leusden
  5. 'Credit Note' for 25 lashes, administered meted to prisoner No. 10372. Prisoners received such harsh punishments for very minor transgressions. After executing the punishment, the 'Credit Note' was signed.
    NMKA Foundation Collection, Leusden
  6. Heavily guarded political prisoners and Jews transported from Amersfoort to other camps, Amersfoort 1944.
    Unknown photographer, NIOD Collection, Amsterdam
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