Nederlands Exposition in Auschwitz Dutch people in Auschwitz

Each person has a name

Almost 57,000 Jews who were deported from the Netherlands during the Second World War died in Auschwitz and its satellite camps. It is an unimaginable number, but the impersonal numbers concern entire families, a father, a mother, a grandfather and grandmother, a spouse, a sister, a brother...They continue to live through their names.

Searching on the wall of names
To the right you see a fragment of the wall of names as it has been set up at the exhibition. Under this fragment you can see the first letters of the family names. You can click on these. This will take you to the top-most names on one of the 15 panels. At the top right all 15 panels are displayed in miniature format in the small window. The red dot indicates where you are on the wall of names. With your mouse you can move the red dot within the panel or move it to a different panel. Click on the photos to enlarge them. You can also drag the image with your mouse.

Personal story: Jacob van Gelder

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each person has a name