Nederlands Exposition in Auschwitz Introduction

Persecution and deportation of the Jews in the Netherlands 1940-1945

In 1940 the Netherlands had a population of nearly 9,000,000. Of these, approximately 140,000 people were Jewish; 107,000 Jews were deported to German concentration and extermination camps. Only about 5,500 of them survived the camps. The exposition gives an idea of the persecution of Jews in the Netherlands. A majority of the Jews died in Auschwitz. Though also other persecuted people and population groups were deported from the Netherlands to Auschwitz, such as Sinti and Roma, political prisoners, and Jehovah's Witnesses, the exposition focuses on the persecution of Dutch Jews. The exposition shows how the Jews ended up in Auschwitz and in other extermination camps as a result of a policy of exclusion and deportation.

Quote by Anne Frank
  1. Girl with matzo, 1916
    Photo from an article about the ‘De Haan’ matzo factory in Amsterdam.
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quote by anne frank
persecution and deportation of the jews in the netherlands 1940-1945