Nederlands Exposition in Auschwitz Refugees

Anne Frank

In 1933, Otto Frank fled from Frankfurt with his family. In 1925, he married Edith Holländer, a daughter of a couple from Aken who owned a factory. On 16 February 1926, their first daughter was born: Margot Betti. On 12 June 1929, their second daughter Anneliese Marie, affectionately called Anne, was born.

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  1. Otto Frank’s card in the register of foreigners, issued on 16 August 1933.
    The register of foreigners stated where a person came from, that person’s date of birth and his or her occupation. At the top of the card is says that Otto Frank left Germany for 'economic reasons'.
    Amsterdam City Archive
  2. The Frank family at Merwedeplein, Amsterdam, May 1940.
    From left to right: Margot, Otto Frank, Anne, and Edith Frank-Holländer.
    Copyright AFF Bazel, CH / AFS Amsterdam, NL
  3. Anne Frank, second from left, on her tenth birthday, Amsterdam, June 12, 1939
    Copyright AFF Bazel, CH / AFS Amsterdam, NL
  4. Anne Frank, Amsterdam, 1935
    Anne Frank, Amsterdam 1935. During the war Anne Frank kept a diary while in hiding; the diary became world-famous.
    Copyright AFF Bazel, CH / AFS Amsterdam, NL
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