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Generalplan-Ost means Master Plan East.
Shortly after nazi Germany invaded Poland in 1939, the Reichsicherheitshauptamt (Reich Security Head Office) (RSHA) in Berlin drafted a master plan for ethnic cleansing of Central and Eastern Europe. This plan, named Generalplan-Ost, called for the deportation of 45 million Poles, Ukrainians, and White Russians to beyond the Ural Mountains (Western Siberia). These people and other ‘racially undesired people' had to make room for 8 to 10 million Germans. The Generalplan-Ost, a plan devised to provide the Germans with more Lebensraum (living space), also included a gradual and forced Germanisation of Czechs, Latvians, and Estonians. They were defined by nazi racial doctrine as people between superior Germans and inferior Slavic people (Untermenschen  ). The Germans planned to implement Gereralplan-Ost after the war over a period of 25 to 30 years. Jews had no place at all in the Europe of nazi Germany. The murder of tens of thousands of Polish intellectuals and leaders in 1939, as well as other massive war crimes by the nazis in Eastern Europe were the first steps to realising the Generalplan-Ost.

trein met opschrift
  1. A train with the text 'wir fahren nach Polen um Juden zu versohlen' (Translation: ‘We are riding to Poland to thrash Jews’)
  2. A soldier cutting off a Jewish man’s beard while other soldiers watch.
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